Obtaining (Acquiring, Exchanging, Renewing) Polish Driver's License
Prawo Jazdy / Driving License / Patente di Guida
Assistance in changing any national driver's license to Polish. We work with driving schools. Change DL without presence.

Polish Driving License

EU and EFTA Member States mutually recognise the validity of their driving licences, motor insurances and vehicle registration certificates. Therefore, driving licences been issued in EU and EFTA Member States remain valid in Poland.

Important! Polish legislation stipulates that any foreigner who already has a driving license should replace it with Polish one, if there are more than six months (more precisely, 185 days) since you are in the country (registration, residence permit or other permit to stay in Poland).
  • Schengen
    The driver's license is recognized by all countries of the Schengen area
  • No exams
    You do not need to take an exam to replace your license
  • Outside Europe
    You cannot be deprived of your license outside the European Union
Drivy have been on the market for over 10 years.

We have helped a huge number of people living in the EU and beyond.

  • 7 157
    Issued Polish driver's
  • 1 229
    Issued Italian driver's
  • 15 628
    Issued driver's licenses of other EU countries
Our company helps to change your national driver's license to Polish without presence!
You have to exchange your driving licence if :

*Your licence is lost, stolen or damaged
*You commit a traffic offence in the country where you live
  • Photo 3,5x4,5
  • Copy of your Passport (or national ID card)
  • Medical certificate
    *We can help You to get medical certificate
  • Your Signature
  • Ability to add categories C D E

Our clients have successfully changed their Driving License

Thanks to Drivy, tens of thousands of people can already work and move freely around the EU
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